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 Alisa Overview 
An alignment telescope is an important tool in the machine-tool industry for:
  • Alignment: (e.g. series of bores or bearings).
  • Straightness (e.g. rails or guideways).
  • Squareness using autoreflection (e.g. column to a base).
  • Level/flatness (e.g. machine bed foundation).
  • Parallelism (e.g. series of rollers).
Alignment telescopes are not easy to use, as one has to look through the eyepiece to estimate the center of a target. It is difficult and time-consuming to achieve a high precision. With our new system Alisa, just attach the CCD to an alignment telescope, boot up the PC, take images of the targets, and let the software guide you through the alignment process. All in a matter of minutes. No special training required. At a precision that would take considerable time and effort with the manual approach.
Alisa is the only automated alignment and autoreflection measurement system that can be run from a laptop, with a cable length of up to 70m (200 feet)
Our CCD-based system Alisa, for alignment and autoreflection has been designed in collaboration with the firm of Taylor Hobson of Milan. While primarily developed for the Micro alignment telescope of Taylor Hobson, it can be used on any other alignment telescope. Alisa has been extensively tested over the last few years, both in the laboratory and in the industrial environment.
What is in Alisa 3.0
  • PC-based CCD camera, specially designed for the workshop environment.
  • Huge savings in operator time: leads to higher productivity. No special training required: as easy as using the mouse.
  • No micrometers required on the alignment telescope, as the displacement is given by the software
  • Electronic cross wire on image lets you align two targets in real-time.
  • Software computes accurate centers (5 m) of images of targets in seconds.
  • Alignment of all types of targets (up to 30 in total).
  • Autoreflection for squareness, with a precision of better than 1 arcsec.
  • Screws on to the telescope, replacing the eyepiece.
  • Can be adapted to other alignment telescopes.
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