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Alisa is the automated alignment system (software and hardware) developed for alignment and autoreflection using a digital camera that replaces the eyepiece in an alignment telescope. The advantages of such a system are enormous: fast, accurate alignment without operator fatigue. Using the specially designed alignment software, you can typically get a centering accuracy on the target of 2 microns. If you have any special need, please get in touch with us.
In the new release Alisa 4.0 we introduce a new digital camera for the acquisition and analysis of the images of targets to be aligned. We give a brief list of the advantages offered with the new release, because of the new camera and additional important improvements to the software.
Camera control from laptop computer: makes it easy to operate even in difficult workshop conditions The camera is connected to the PC through a USB connection. Using USB active extension cables, the cable connecting the camera to the PC can be as long as 70 meters (216 ft).
Quick alignment by a single operator: save time and money The long length of the cable, plus the fact that it can be controlled from a laptop allows the operator to mount the camera on the alignment telescope, and move the laptop to the alignment target. Thus a single operator can do the alignment quickly.
Good results even in air turbulence conditions in the workshop It is possible to average several images of the same target before analyzing them. This improves the centering accuracy, even in air turbulence conditions found in workshops.
Real-time alignment Acquisition and display of images can be as fast as 15 frames per second at full resolution. This feature, along with the possibility of drawing a crosshair to indicate the center of the reference target image, enormously accelerates the phase of the first alignment of the targets. Once this is done, then you proceed to get more accurate measurements through the software analysis.
Reference center always visible on the monitor The center of the reference target (software cross) can be superposed on the image of the target to be aligned. The cross hair can also be positioned arbitrarily, e.g. corresponding to the center of the screen.
Sub-frame mode acquisition Using the mouse, a limited zone of the image (sub-frame) can be used for faster acquisition and analysis.
Real-time zooming A zoomed image can be acquired and displayed on the screen with the magnification chosen by the user.
Extreme precision in alignment The small pixel dimensions for the camera (7.5 microns) imply an improvement in the accuracy of the results of the alignment analysis. On the other side, the large dimension of the chip
(6.7 x 5.4 mm) allows the coverage of a larger field.
For all Windows system The software package Alisa is now available for Windows 7/ Windows 8 32 and 64bit Operating System .
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