Product use matrix of our wavefront sensors

   Application (*) Omi Optino Laserino Lentino Opal Sfera Stella 5Star Puntino
  Single pass 
  Double pass           
   Lens testing      
   Astronomical telescopes
   Lasers and LDs (UV,Vis,NIR,MWIR,LWIR)        
   Laser beam-profiling (scanning)                
   Aspherical lens  
   Digital camera lens  
   Concave mirror  
   Flat mirror        
   Mobile phone lens      
   Heads-Up-Display (HUD)      
   Contact lens    
   Non-optical surfaces        
   Alignment of complex optical system
   On-line check while polishing      
   Production line        
   On-axis & off-axis testing            
  (*) All of our wavefront sensors are based on the Shack-Hartmann principle