Extremely Fast

- CMOS digital camera

- Chip dimensions : 512x512x22µ (11.2x11.2mm)

- Non-Volatile Flash Memory, up to 6 Gigabyte on board of camera

- Frame Rate 2100 fps full resolution, 7400fps if the central 256x256 pixels subframe is selected

- A/D converter 8 bits

- Minimum exposure time 10microsec

- External trigger, rising/falling TTL pulse

- Fast Gigabit Ethernet connection to PC

- Max number of spots: 56x56




  OMI flash

Study of thermal effects on a solid lens (time scale of 5msec)

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Shack-Hartmann image taken with CMOS camera at 550nm

CMOS SH image



- Test of optical elements with extremely fast deformable shape

 - Test of liquid lenses

- Study of thermal or stress effects during molding of optical elements

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