High frame rate

- Low-cost CMOS based

- Chip dimensions : 2048x2048x5.5µ (11.26x11.26mm)

- Frame Rate 90 fps full resolution

- A/D converter 8 or 10 bits

- External trigger

- USB 3.0 connection to PC

- Max number of spots: 50x50


     Low noise

- Low noise cooled or uncooled CCD                

- Sensitivity in Blue region (50% QE at 300nm)

- Chip dimensions : 1280x1024x6.45µ (8.25x6.6mm)

- Frame Rate 12.5 fps full resolution, 25fps with 2x2 binning

- A/D converter 12 bits

- External trigger

- Fast Gigabit Ethernet connection to PC

- Max number of spots: 33x33


Shack-Hartmann image taken with CMOS camera at 550nm

CMOS SH image

CCD camera


CCD Quantum Efficiency curve

Vis CCd QE

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