High sensitivity

- Uncooled micro bolometer detector

- Chip dimensions : 320x256x35µ (11.2x8.4mm)

- Frame Rate 40 fps full resolution

- Sensitivity in LWIR region: 8-14µ

- A/D converter 12 bits

- External trigger

- Fast Gigabit Ethernet connection to PC

- Max number of spots: 24x24

  Power reduction 

  - SpotOptics proprietary power reduction system provides the calibration for testing CO2 lasers up to 20KW             

- COSS, SpotOptics CO2 beam profiler is used for continuous on-line measurements of laser power

 - COSS, can detect if CO2 laser is diverging, converging or collimated on camera

- External trigger synchronization between laser and camera exposure


SH image taken with LWIR camera at 10.6m