OApplications Overview

SpotOptics can provide solutions for quality control of almost any optical element (either in reflection or transmission) and lasers at UV, visible, NIR and LWIR (CO2) wavelengths.

 Our successfully operating solutions are used in the industrial world and in research.

According to your requirements, we can study customized solutions for your specific application as well as integrate special hardware in our systems or develop special analysis software.

Below is a list of few applications where our instruments can be used.

Applications & optics

Large diameter optical elements

 Astronomical telescopes: optical quality, support system analysis, seeing measurements

Small diameter optical elements

  Mobile phone lenses: test on-axis and off-axis

 Contact lenses: optical quality and power map

  Aspherical lenses: optical qulaity

Liquid lenses

Ultra-fast system for testing shape variation

Semi-reflecting optical elements

   Lapping plates:  flatness and roughness

Composite optical systems 

 Head-Up Displays: quality and stress measurement

 Digital camera lenses: metrology on-axis and off-axis,  alignment



Applications  & wavelength

  • Lasers

   Excimer laser at 193nm



   High power CO2 laser

  • NIR and LWIR optics