Our Instruments

We offer standalone and motorized wavefront sensors (WFS), along with the accessories.

They cover the full wavelength range from 193nm-10.6microns

We offer a number of cameras as options, allowing you to choose the wavefront sensor just right for your needs.

 Our Expertise

Our expertise covers all that is required for giving our clients instruments with the latest cutting-edge technology.

From 3D modeling for mechanics, latest software techniques, optical ray-tracing, we draw on our vast experience to solve your problems.


 8-10 NOVEMBER 2016

Visit us  at  VISION 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany. Booth #1J79



We focus on applications 

- NEW!  iOptino Dual channel wavefront sensor, Shack-Hartmann arm and Direct Imaging arm

- NEW! Optino-m  the world smallest double-pass wavefront sensor for testing in the production line

- NEW! Contour for testing contact lenses

- Optino-CO2 for high power CO2 lasers

- OMI-Flash - works at 8KHz

- OMI/Optino for testing Head-Up Displays

- Laserino for testing laser

- Opal for metrology of contact lenses

- Sfera for testing mobile phone lenses

- Stella for testing telecentric lenses

- Sensoft-off axis: the most sophisticated off-axis software in the world

- Puntino for astronomical telescopes

- Alisa for alignment with Micro Alignment Telescope (MAT)